Vintage Whites: Take Two

Alright. I'll fess up. I went to this market with every intention of being frugal. I was there to admire. To drool. To covet.

Instead I bought all the things. All of them.


In my defense, it's hard not to walk into this vintage visual feast and go away hungry. I just don't have the willpower, friends. Vintage Whites boasts hundreds of unique vendors and is held seasonally in four states, where hipsters, crafters, and weirdos unite for a non-stop showstopper of a market. I covered it last year, vlogging and chatting it up with vendors, and I was not gonna miss it this year.

Nope. Wild horses and all that.

This year the market was three barns instead of two and you know what that means. Yep. Twice as much temptation. First there was the signage. Seriously. These people have more creativity in their pinkie finger than you and I possess in our entire bodies. Behold.


Don't forget to look down at the merchandise, because much of the beauty of Vintage Whites is also in the details. Want a swanky dress straight out of the 30s complete with petticoat and pearls? Gotcha ya.

How about some Corelle dishes so perfectly 70s you'll swear they fell out of your Mom's kitchen cabinet? Yep. 

I have to tour every barn twice, because there is so much to look at that I am almost always overwhelmed on the first time around. My favorite part? Many of the vendors are solidly Salt Lake natives. Some are too small to have storefronts and just operate Etsy shops or work craft markets like this one. Others are like hidden gems sprinkled all over the city.

But now, you're in the know with me. And everyday can be a Vintage Whites experience.


Wanna see what I walked away with? Of course you do! It's like window shopping but lazier. I'll highlight each of the goodies I grabbed along with the vendor info so you can go check out the adorable shops and goods on your own time.

Hey- I can't do it all for you. And really, would you want me to? Hell to the no.

Sugar & creamer set with delightful patina by  Vintage1955

Sugar & creamer set with delightful patina by Vintage1955

I dug up this steal from a booth brimming with cast-off dishes, lace, and paper scraps. While the shop, based in Weber County, is currently on a break, Joni will hopefully be back soon with the odds and ends that delight. 

Picture frames from  The Vintage Love Affair.  Pearls from Sweet Pepper Vintage.

Picture frames from The Vintage Love Affair. Pearls from Sweet Pepper Vintage.

When I saw those little frames, it was love at first sight. Jackie over at The Vintage Love Affair operates out of the Antique World Mall in Boise and boy, does she have my number. Those pearls, though. My new favorite accessory courtesy of Sweet Pepper Vintage.

I practically sleep in them. Don't judge.

Ring from  Luna Dust Vintage .

I've been eyeing this same ring from Luna Dust since last fall and I finally gave up. Resistance is futile. Luna Dust participates in our local vintage flea market and has a little shop in Salt Lake City. Check her out, yo. Because real gems like Luna Dust are hard to find. 

Mini cake stand with ducks and eggs from  Patina Home and Decor . Necklace by  Ingredients for Lovely. 

Mini cake stand with ducks and eggs from Patina Home and Decor. Necklace by Ingredients for Lovely. 

A mini-cake stand! How could a food blogger pass that much adorable up? This one sure couldn't. Also currently planning a trip to Patina's store in Layton. Because some things just need to happen. Ingredients for Lovely always ends up in my back pocket with their funky, boho inspired jewelry. Between Vintage Whites and Craft Lake City, I'm pretty much ruined for normal stuff, you know? 

Besides, normal is overrated. Ho-hum.


Found this well-loved beauty in a basket tucked away in a booth. Love really is in the eye of the beholder. And for me, it doesn't get much better than a vintage cookbook.

If that cover doesn't rocket you right back to your childhood then you are dead inside. Dead.

Thanks for stopping by and shopping with me. Vintage Whites will be back in the fall, probably to pumpkin all the things. And I'll be right there with them.

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