Foodie City Guide: London Edition

You've probably been wondering where the hell I've been.

Yeah. Sorry about that. I went on vacation for three weeks and ate all the things and walked a billion miles and spent entirely too much time with my family. But we're all still alive to tell the tale, so #vacationgoals accomplished.

It was a whirlwind trip and I'll be sharing more in a few weeks, but I thought I'd start off with the city we spent the most time in.



I'm gonna give you the lowdown and what to see, eat, and do as a foodie in London so you don't have to wing it when you go. Sounds like a plan? Yeah. Loosen your belt and let's do it.

DO in London

Tower of London

London-tower of london-england-travel-kids

Yeah- it's kind of creepy to spend your day touring a prison where people were tortured and murdered with your kids. But I'd be lying if I didn't say it was the most fascinating thing we did in London. In addition to seeing the Crown Jewels, you'll get a wealth of history not only out of the museums on site but also the period reenactments of historical events surrounding the Tower. I lost an entire day there and I can't say I minded one little bit. 

Camden Market


Yikes, this was utterly overwhelming. Block out an entire day and keep a close eye on your kids because they're about to get lost in here. And don't bother buying a single thing anywhere else in London. You can get something a thousand times more interesting (and cheaper) at Camden Market. If shopping hasn't ever exhausted you before, you're in for a new life experience. 

EAT in London

Borough Market


It's pretty hard to beat the fantastic cheap eats at the foodie paradise that is Borough Market. Lunchtime can be a mad crush as well as after work when people are picking up fresh goods to take home for dinner, so plan instead to hit it in the morning. From the best fish and chips to epic doughnuts, Borough Market has it all.



How on earth do you pick one restaurant in all of London, or even SoHo for that matter? Well, I say to each their own. And Dishoom is definitely my jam. It's an infusion of British and Indian food that bills itself as uniquely Bombay, and you'll be impressed not only with the fantastic food but the fact that the bill won't blow your budget. Get there early though because they don't take reservations and by 6 pm, the line out the door is usually an hour wait or longer.

DRINK in London

Hot Chocolate at The Breakfast Club


You don't have to go here JUST to drink the hot chocolate. The food is pretty great, too. But my kids were enthralled with the throwback mugs, the homemade marshmallows, and the funky charm of The Breakfast Club. And when it comes to hot chocolate, my kids are DEFINITELY the authorities.

Barhopping in SoHo


I love my children, but looking around SoHo at all the fantastic cocktail bars made me wish we'd left them at home. If you're up for it, drinking your way through SoHo will take you more than a week but I'd bet it'd be the best week of your life. From pubs to craft cocktails and back to wine bars, Soho nightlife is the only kind of nightlife you'll ever want.

STAY in London

The Megaro


Apparently, we saved the best for last. At the very end of our stay we tumbled into a great deal for a swanky little flat in a boutique hotel called The Megaro. It was a DREAM. From the artisan water casually stocked in the fridge to gorgeous wallpaper and the friendly staff, The Megaro had every detail of our stay covered. And while the locale of the lobby is near a noisy corner across from King's Cross Station (of Platform 9 and 3/4 fame), the flats themselves are up a quiet, residential side street where you'll feel right at home.

Talk of the Town

The Underground


I KNOW. I'm telling you to spend time riding around on the tube. That can't possibly be right. But it's cheap, easy, and actually a wonderful experience for the kids. Get an oyster card and load it up cause you're gonna rack up plenty of mileage eating your way through the best corners of London.

That's it for this tour of London. Next stop, Scotland.

Come back next week for more foodie fun.

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