Why Personal Training is Worth Every Penny

I have a personal trainer. And I don't do it to be like one of those snotty Beverly Hills housewives who wears nothing but Lululemon and sip detox smoothies all day. I do it because it works. And absolutely nobody is paying me to say this.

Personal training packs a powerful punch. I promise.

I feel your skepticism. Because it's as familiar as my own skin. Although my membership at Title Boxing Club included a free half hour of personal training, I dodged booking it for months. It didn't sound like my thing. I enjoy coming to the club and knocking the hell out of a bag.

But sweaty, touchy, people interaction? No, thanks. Sounds awkward and terrifying.

Meet my personal trainer. This is Dash. He helped me drop 16 pounds and 6% body fat in eight weeks last year. So when he told me he thought I needed a little personal training, I said yes. Yes, sir. Man obviously knows his shit.

We began with half hour sessions twice a week. I wasn't sure what to expect, and at first, I'll admit it was a little frustrating. Because I'd waited so long to get any type of training, I had some bad habits. And Dash had to break every one of them before we could get to someplace new.

In the end, personal training gave me something extraordinary and unexpected. And it changed how I approach boxing and fitness in general. Wondering if personal training is for you? Here are a few things I think it can provide that are worth every penny.

The Devil is in the Details

I was nailing the hell out of that bag everyday. But my body was paying the price. I had stress fractures on both fibias when I began working with Dash. He dialed in my form in ways that took the impact off my smaller bones and placed the workload on my core, where it belonged. I'm already forty and I'd love to sustain this kind of exercise for the next decade. Personal training helped me get the details right so I could reduce impact and injury and focus on efficiency and power.

Efficiency Equals Energy

Until personal training helped my form evolve, I had no idea how much energy I was wasting. Once the movements became more familiar, it transformed my workout. I had some serious stamina before, but now, I barely break a sweat. And it's because I waste less momentum pulling the punch, able to push all that power straight from my core instead of barreling it through my exhausted arms. Now I can save that juice for the important stuff. Like all those damn squat hops.

Personal Training Pushes You

Look. Let's be real. When you get tired, you slow down. And sometimes, it's hard to get back into the groove again. Trainers pay attention to your energy levels because it's their job to get more out of you. Even when you don't want to give it. And good trainers understand how to motivate you properly. Some people need cheerful encouragement. I respond well to sarcastic taunts. To each their own. But if you pick a personal trainer who gets you, you'll end up with someone who will wring every last little drop of sweat out of your time together.

The Commitment Carries It

Sure, class is at a certain time. But is anybody really gonna notice if you're too tired to show up tonight? When you have an appointment with your trainer, it's much more personal and it'll get your ass out of bed in the morning. Because standing someone up who can bench press double your weight seems like a terrible idea.

Still not convinced? Try it. You've got nothing to lose. Except maybe a few of those terrible habits you've been hiding behind. And good riddance to them.

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