All the Reasons You Should Already Be Living in Portland

It's been about ten years since I hung out in Portland, and I have to say I'm pretty sure I wasn't paying attention the last time.

Cause Portland is straight up my soulmate.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to come to my senses about Portland. And if it wasn't for one teensy tiny thing I'd probably STILL be in Portland right now, about ten pounds fatter. There's just one problem with Portland.

It rains. Not just a little. EVERY DAMN DAY.

Comes in all varieties too. Downpours, drizzle. But it's all miserable and it's all the time. And it makes it legit freezing even in the middle of the summer. I like my 90-degree high desert and until it burns down in a massive wildfire thanks to climate change, I think I'll just stay right here.

But if you don't mind a little rain (okay, ALOT of rain), Portland is definitely a place you should embrace for all these reasons and more.

1. Portland is Way Weird


Portland embraces its inner nerd and just lets it all hang out. It's quirky and adorable and it made me feel immediately at home. These were my PEOPLE. Book nerds and feminists and teachers and passionate activists. They have a farmers market EVERY day of the week, which pretty much explains everything you need to know about Portland.



I stumbled into the land of food carts and I don't want to ever find my way out. NEVER. Portland was a foodie paradise, but the best part was how cheap it was to eat. Street carts congregate in sections of the city and create little pockets of deliciousness, where you can stumble from one cart to cart like a grand culinary tour of the world. 

3. Portland is Has All the Vintage. ALL OF IT.


I figured out where all the cool vintage finds are. Portland has been hogging them. I think there's a thrift store on every block. I stumbled into a store called World of Vintage and I legit got lost. Seriously. I couldn't figure out how to extract myself from the bowels of the store, where I was wandering in a maze of musty army boots and crinoline. 

4. Portland is Pretty.

portland-japanese gardens-travel-review

All that rain is good for something, and apparently, it grows forests. Thick wild, beautiful ones. While I do love my mountains, Portland gets Mt. Hood as a backdrop when the clouds clear and that's pretty badass. They also have gardens to wander and some of them are free. GASP.

Wild green public spaces. WHO KNEW?

5. Okay. Can we talk about the food again? 


I've been places with fantastic food, and I live in a pretty great culinary city. But in Portland, it's EVERYWHERE. You don't just get donuts. You get lavender blackberry doughnuts made from a special flour found in the south of France. But just be warned, friends. If you go, you're coming back five pounds heavier. It's the promise of Portland.

Come for the food, stay for the weird.

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