Farm to Table in a Flash: A Review of Farmer's Market Direct

Farmer's Market Direct agreed to provide me with one of their Farmer's Market What's in Season Produce and Fruit Baskets in return for my honest review of their service. The gushing about gorgeous, local goodness was entirely my idea.

If you haven't noticed, we're kind of devoted foodies around here.

And yes, we frequent the farmer's market along with the rest of Salt Lake City, sweating it out in flip flops and churning up dust in Pioneer Park to snag some perfectly pretty, locally grown produce.

I feel fortunate that we live in a state with a long growing season and a devotion to organic, sustainable farming. It makes the cuisine scene fantastic and it gives me ample opportunity to experiment and create delectable delights in my kitchen.

Farmer's Market Bag.jpg

But I'm also a working mama. Guess how many times I've actually made it to the Farmer's Market this year? Exactly once. Sure, the markets are conveniently scattered all across the Wasatch Front. And yes, I do have Saturdays off. But this is exactly the problem. I have Saturdays OFF. Saturdays are for sleeping in. And drinking coffee slowly, in my pajamas, with no particular place to be before noon. So I struggle. I want amazing, fresh local produce on my table. I want a fridge full of it. But I also don't want to spend my free Saturday morning getting it. 

Enter Farmer's Market Direct. They get me. Completely.

This past Saturday, I stumbled sleepy-eyed into my car. I grabbed a coffee at a local shop I love and sipped it. I drove to the farmer's market, picked up an enormous bag of hand selected, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and drove back home. I didn't even have to get out of my pajamas. I know what you're thinking. Shut up! But it's true.

I couldn't wait to come home and unpack my booty. This bag, one of Farmer's Market Direct's What's in Season Baskets, is stuffed with bounty and was only twenty bucks. And I ordered it online. At home. In my pajamas. Yes, I spend a lot of time in my pajamas. We can chat about that later. Here's the gorgeous array that I unbundled when I arrived home, still sipping coffee. 

Farmer's Market Direct Review

Beautiful Beets

Farmer's Market Direct Review

Colorful Chard

Farmer's Market Direct Review

Stunning Shallots

Farmer's Market Direct Review

Crisp Cucumber

Farmer's Market Direct Review

Amazing Apricots

Farmer's Market Direct Review


Farmer's Market Direct Review

Zany Zucchini 

Farmer's Market Direct Review

Bounty of Beans

Farmer's Market Direct Review

Perfect Peaches

Yes, I'm aware. This was a fantastic food to table experience. Kudos to Farmer's Market Direct for packing A LOT of value into one little canvas bag. And keep an eye on those peaches. They're going to be featured in the recipe later this week on A Sweet Little Life along with this next item. A carton of speckled green, brown, and white eggs from Clifford Farms, recently plucked from right under a chicken. Doesn't get much fresher than that.

Farmer's Market Direct Review


Bring your bag back next time and get a discount. Bonus!

Farmer's Market Direct Review

You can order baskets of fresh produce online alongside many other items like fresh bread from smaller, local bakeries, Heber Valley cheesesbacon from Blue Tree Beef in West Haven, and much more. Everything you'd need to have an incredible, locally produced breakfast without having to set one foot in the hot, crowded streets of downtown.

Order and pick up from any of the following local market locations:

Park Silly Sunday Market, Park City (Sunday)

Downtown Farmer's Market at Pioneer Park, Salt Lake City (Saturday)

Sugar House Farmer's Market, Salt Lake City (Wednesday)

Wheeler Farm Market, Murray (Sunday)

Here are all the things I didn't miss about skipping the market and using Farmer's Direct:

  • Getting dressed. See these pajamas? They don't come off until Monday morning if I can help it. It's called the weekend, people. 


  • Wrestling my small children into a car and convincing them they won't die if they have to walk around the farmer's market with me. This is always a hard sell. It usually involves bribery. 


  • Showering. Save water. It'll grow more of that delicious produce. You can wash your hair tomorrow. Or not. Whatever.


  • The heat. Did I mention it topped 104 last Saturday? Yep. Who wants to hang out in that? Absolutely nobody. Not even those poor wilty vegetables.


  • Wrestling the last parsnip from some hipster. If you don't get to the market early, you miss out on the good stuff. And all you're left with is man bun as far as the eye can see.


  • Circling for twenty minutes trying to find parking. You think, on the fifth trip around, that surely somebody has to be leaving by now. But they aren't. They always push their strollers blissfully past, on their way to somewhere else.

So take it from me. A dedicated foodie who is firmly convinced that while strolling around the market might sound romantic, nothing beats hiding out at home in your pajamas, coffee cup in hand. Order your basket from Farmer's Market Direct and get a fantastic farm-to-table experience in a flash. 

Visit my friends at Farmer's Market Direct.

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Stay tuned for a fabulous recipe later this week on A Sweet Little Life, featuring farm fresh fruit from Farmer's Market Direct!