The Real Secret to Weight Loss: Pssst...It's not what you think it is.

I know the secret to weight loss. And it's probably not what you think it is.

It's simply that sometimes, no matter how hard you work, it's not going to be enough. Weight loss is about working smarter, not harder.

Let me explain.

I love to hit it pretty hard. That's no secret.

Last spring, I joined Title Boxing Club at Cottonwood Heights and I've enjoyed every second of pushing myself farther, harder, and faster than ever before. I've blogged plenty about the benefits of boxing here (Why Personal Training is Worth Every Penny) and here (5 Things I Love About Boxing).

weight loss secret

Photo courtesy of Christine McDonough from The Copper Shamrock.

Today, I'm not going to extol the virtues of fitness.

Instead, I want to discuss what happens when you fully invest and fail. When you commit and work hard but don't get any closer to those weight loss goals.

For weeks on end, the scale doesn't budge. And despite your best intentions, doubt creeps in. Is all that hard work making any difference at all?

I hit that same wall late last summer. I was working out like a madwoman four or five times a week, but not able to sneak anywhere in the neighborhood of my weight loss goals. I ate healthy, was extremely active, and yet fat clung to my stomach and thighs like it was crazy glued. In desperation, I went to see Dash, the owner of Title Boxing Club. He's the possessor of more than that mischievous smile. Dash knows the secret, and he's been nice enough to share it.

weight loss secret

Dash Cox, Nutritional Coach

When I hired Dash as my personal trainer and nutrition coach, I was still skeptical about his methods. I slid my daily diet tracker across the desk at him rather smugly. He wasn't going to find a spec of junk food on my plate.

Dash congratulated me on some pretty clean eating, but encouraged me to take a closer look at the kinds of foods I was consuming and when. He explained that much of weight loss occurs not as a result of intense exercise, but as a factor of nutrition.

Dash's weight loss program discouraged calorie counting, focusing instead on eating certain kinds of foods at certain times and drastically limiting sugar intake.

And sugar is an evil bitch. She lurks everywhere. In my healthy, probiotic yogurt and in every bite of that apple, chock full of fiber.

I was wary of fad diets, but the nutrition behind Dash's plan looked solid so I signed on for thirty days. Those thirty days changed my life and have completely transformed how I handle food.

In the beginning, I was sailing high on self-righteousness. For the first few days managing the diet gave me lots of positive feedback and kept me motivated. Then the intense sugar withdrawals began. Lethargy struck and I felt as if I was crawling through my days, blurry-eyed and dizzy. Dash was there, supportive and patient. It gets better, he reminded me Stick with it After a week, the brain fog cleared and I emerged as energetic as ever.

Best of all, it worked. When I approached Dash, I was already pretty trim.

After 45 days, I sported the lowest weight and body fat I had achieved as an adult woman. Dash's weight loss program allowed me to celebrate my 40th birthday with the edges of a six pack.

It was the first time I'd ever been able to see my own clearly defined abdominal muscles. Don't believe me? Take a look.

Fit at Forty: Project 6-Pack

weight loss secret

The pics don't seem that dramatic, but in real life, the results were. All my clothes fell off me. Literally. Here's what we accomplished in 45 days:

  • Lost 16 pounds ( From 135 to 119 pounds)

  • Dropped 4 dress sizes (From a size 8 to a size 4)

  • Lost 6% body fat (From 24%-18% body fat)

A year later, my weight has remained in the same neighborhood despite the fact that I've added more muscle mass. While I don't restrict my intake as much as I did in Dash's program, I still follow the same principals of healthy eating he taught me. It transformed the way my entire family cooks, eats, and stays active.

If you're stuck and feeling discouraged, I'd recommend taking a hard look at your food intake and getting the help of a fantastic nutritionist.

 While you may think you're consuming healthy foods (granola, anybody?) in the right caloric range, you'll be startled to learn just how far from optimal your diet actually is. If you're working furiously and fed up with starving yourself, it's probably time to get help. 70% of weight loss is directly tied not to the level or quantity of your exercise, but to your daily nutritional intake. Whether your goal is to drop those last pesky ten pounds or to get below the two hundred mark, Dash and the team at Title can show you how to work smarter instead of harder.

Title Boxing did not pay me to promote this nutrition program in anyway. The opinions expressed here are exclusively my own and drawn directly from my experience. You just can't buy enthusiasm like this.

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