Vintage Whites: A Market Worth Vlogging About

You guys. I did it. I Facebooked Live and lived to tell about it.

And seriously, there's no better place to dip your toe into the proverbial video waters than Vintage Whites.

I wanted to give you the full experience of wandering the booths, but pictures alone seemed inadequate to convey the quirky, hip vibe of this one of a kind market.

It's like spending an afternoon combing your favorite aunt's shabby chic attic.

So much to see and marvel at. So let's take a visual tour of the market, hitting a few highlights, before we move onto my favorite part- a glimpse at my vintage booty.

Going live with Sweet Pepper Vintage! Okay. I'm a little over excited about this. It was my first attempt at Facebook Live for the blog. I always wanted to be a broadcast journalist when I was younger, so this is like living the dream. And I got to highlight a vendor that is one of my very favorites. Later, you'll get to see the fantastic food props that I took home with me, courtesy of Sweet Pepper Vintage.

Paper Flowers & Art by Jami Ray Vintage

Vintage Whites is spread out across two buildings at the Utah State Fairgrounds, and I much prefer the smaller venue. It's a more intimate space, people by some talented, uber-friendly folks. Like the up cycle experts at Jami Ray Vintage.

And while much of it focuses on shabby chic and rustic style furniture, art and decor, there's plenty of eclectic vintage items to go around. This incredible authentic prom dress graced some southern belle and Retro Betty wants to make sure it finds a second life with an appreciative partner.

Vintage Dress by Retro Betty

Everywhere, there are little touches, tucked away details that make all the difference. These little green beauties were part of a display by Ina luvs Leone.

You'll see more about this vendor later because I fell in love with one of her pieces and ended up carting it home.

InaluvsLeone terranium.jpg

Perfectly Potted Plants by Ina luvs Leone

I spotted these folks at the last market and they certainly are some of the best in show in terms of display. We could hang out here all day at Black Sheep Flea and gush about the decor and charming juxtapositions, but there's a market to see people. Places to be, things to fall in love with.

Signage at the Black Sheep Flea.

French Lavender by Black Sheep Flea

Bicycle Display at Black Sheep Flea.

If you're hungry, don't pass up the chance to grab a bite from the Cluck Truck, one of many food trucks clustered in the courtyard. I hear they're clucking delicious.

Vintage Whites Market

Cluck Truck Delivers

Next up, the main building where the sprawl of booths is utterly overwhelming. But that's okay, we're gonna take it one step at a time, preferably in these slippers. Because this is how dreams come true.

Vintage Whites

If the Slipper Fits...

There are two levels to this venue, and so many vendors worthy of note that I lost count. I stopped by Rustic Passion to admire and walked away with something fantastic that I'll share later. That happens sometimes. No complaints here, especially at prices like these.

Vintage Whites

Framed Antlers by Rustic Passion

Just around the corner, I stumbled upon these gals from Sprinkle & Dash. They may look familiar, because I featured them in my post about Craft Lake City last month. They let me munch on macarons at their booth and film it in all my awkward glory. Kudos to them and to those fantastic feet.

Charming Cupcakes from Sprinkle & Dash

Perfect Pies by Sprinkle & Dash

Now that I'm done stuffing my face, let's meander around the corner, shall we? I've got lots to say about this spot for vintage dress dummies decked out in lace.

Fleattitude will get featured later in my booty haul, but for now just note the whimsy.

Dress Dummy in Lace by Fleattitude

Vintage Whites

Marvelous Milk Jugs by Fleattitude

There's lots more to see upstairs, so let's take one last gander at all that bicycle and make our way to some next level stuff.

Vintage Whites

I emerged from the stairs straight into the wonderland that is Francie & Co.'s whimsical tents. These fantasies of fabric are a dream come true for any child.

Vintage Whites Market

Fabric Fire by Francie & Co.

Just a few steps away, Fancy This offers lots of french inspired decor. including this pretty bird themed orb.

Vintage Whites Market

Just a few more stops on our market tour before you can rest your tired feet. I promise. The first is this spot by Sweet Salvage. They lured me in with the shiny, then kept me with a pretty sweet deal you'll see later.

Vintage Whites Market

It takes a steady hand to do typography and Upcycle Queen has one. She free-handed this reclaimed wood bar. That's right. Free-handed. Talk about next level.

Vintage Whites Market

Upstanding work by Upcycle Queen

And last but not least, we'll wander outside to the Lil Vintage Trailer, where these gals have being painting the town pink from their adorable shop on wheels.

Vintage Whites Market
Vintage Whites Market

So that's about it, friends. I hope you enjoyed your market tour. Now for the part where I get to brag about what came home with me. I've indicated in the captions where you can connect with each vendor to get some goods of your own.

Vintage Whites Market

Sign by C&S Co-Op

Vintage Whites Market

File Drawer by Ina luvs Leone

Vintage Whites Market

Vintage Lace by Fleattitude

Vintage Whites Market

Vintage Cardigan by Copperhive Vintage

Vintage Whites Market

Metallic Earrings from Rustic Passion

Vintage Whites Market

Rolling Pin from Fancy This

Vintage Whites Market

Sifters from Sweet Pepper Vintage

Vintage Whites Market

Soda Platter from Sweet Salvage

Vintage Whites Market

Tree from lil vintage trailer

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