The Black Widow Cocktail

I’m not a big fan of all things Halloween. The spooky, scary stuff just isn’t my thing. I do however love the concept and the traditions behind Día de Muertos, otherwise known as the Day of the Dead. It’s a tradition of celebrating loved ones who have passed away and honoring their memories.

From sugar skulls to marigolds, what’s not to love?

When I dreamt up this seasonal cocktail, I did it with Día de Muertos in mind. Festooned with roses and lace and crawling with spiders and skulls, you’ll find this day of the dead cocktail is definitely something to live for.


The Black Widow is a spin on a White Russian that features black, spiced rum and Tequila Rose. For those unfamiliar with Tequila Rose, it’s a strawberry cream liqueur with a splash of tequila. It’s gonna be your new best friend.


This drink begins with a bit of chocolate sauce in the bottom of the cup. Don’t worry about mixing it in. The Black Widow, much like a layered shot, is intended to release it’s poison slowly with each sip and stir. Bwaahaaha…


Next up is the rum. I used Kraken because why would you not. Then you get to yell “release the Kraken” and who doesn’t love randomly doing that at parties. Don’t worry. Your friends will forgive you. EVENTUALLY.


Finally, it’s a splash of Tequila Rose. Don’t overdue it because this is powerful, thick stuff. It sinks to the bottom while the rum floats, leaving three distinct layers in your glass. It’ll also create fun little moody swirls that look like a storm brewing in your cup.


Top with another generous splash or two of milk or cream. You don’t want to fill the glass. Just enough to mellow the alcohol and merge with the chocolate sauce. This is a hearty, boozy drink that’s probably strong enough to wake the dead. See what I did there?


Top with a dusting of Himalayan pink salt if you have it and some pepper. This is a sweet drink so a little salt and a little spice balances the flavors. If you don’t have pink salt, you can make do with kosher salt or sea salt. But just a pinch. You don’t want to overwhelm here. The goal is to compliment.


Garnish with cherries and blackberries and enjoy, stirring often to release the chocolate and disperse the liqueur evenly through each mouthful. You can also yell “Release the Kraken” as you drink. I won’t mind.

Happy Halloween or Dia de los Muertos or whatever you happen to celebrate.

Come back soon for boozy baking, craft cocktails, and general rabble rousing.

We’re good at that here.




1 Tbsp. chocolate sauce

1 shot black, spiced rum, chilled

1/2 shot Tequila Rose, chilled

Splash of milk or cream

Pinch of salt

Pinch of pepper

Blackberries and cherries to garnish


Put chocolate sauce in the bottom of the glass. Add shot of rum, then Tequila Rose. Do NOT stir. Add a splash or two of milk and a pinch of salt and pepper. Garnish. Savor and don’t get spooked by how good it is.

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