A Boozy Ice Cream Social

Summer is for ice cream, right?

Your answer is yes. There is no other answer.

It's hot out there. Whew! And digging into a big, cold bowl of frosty delightfulness can really take the edge off. What's even better? Sandwiching that creamy goodness between two soft, fragrantly delicious cookies. I decided this is exactly what we should accomplish at my next little gathering. A whole lotta cookies and cream.


I started off by defining this as a boozy ice cream social. If you don't live in Utah, you may be wondering why. Around here, ice cream social is code for non-alcoholic, church-related event. And this is SO not what we were going for here. Exactly the opposite. So I wanted to make that clear. Clear as fucking crystal. Bring on the booze. 

And that's exactly what we did. This bright concoction features plenty of pucker from fresh lemons and a blackberry simple syrup.

Plus lots of bourbon. Because booze!

This recipe is from Jesse at Life as a Strawberry. It was in a featured post she did for BonBon Break and I highly recommend it. It wasn't quite as sweet as we wanted it, so I added a little agave at the end and it worked wonders.


Although I went pretty low key on the decor,

I was thrilled to be able to use the banner template that I snagged at Paper Source.

That's also where I got the adorable mason jar dispenser. DO NOT take me into Paper Source if you value your life. Once we pass that threshold, I'm committed to at least two hours of hardcore browsing.

You might also notice the decor was fabulously twinkly. Those are starry lights and Amazon sells them for a song. Go run over and pick up your own for cheap.


I made four different varieties of cookies and ice cream for a reason. And no, it's not that I am a glutton for punishment. I wanted us to have the pleasure of sampling and creating different flavor combinations. In the spirit of that, I kept the cookies small as I do for most of my desserts. So I can justify eating half a dozen and try to convince myself it was more like having two. See how that works?

There was a consensus that a few of these flavors were extraordinary.

The white peach and rose sorbet hit all the right notes with a sweet, floral profile. The gluten-free sugar cookies were surprisingly soft and velvety. In combination they created a concert for your mouth. A veritable symphony of sweetness.

While the vegan ice cream was a bit stiff, the taste astounded, highlighting the complexity of roasted cherries and coconut paired with a spicy graham cookie. The horchata ice cream lends a rich counterpoint to the brownie, a fudgy meringue sturdy enough to be a pillar of good taste. 

Once we'd indulged, it was time to settle in for the really delightful part of our get togethers. The get together part. 

We do it right with good food, good friends, and plenty of good wine.

Thanks for joining us, friend, for a little social stuff. It feeds the soul for sure. 

Until next time, this is your hostess signing off. Keep boozing it up and keeping it sweet. Mwah!

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