A Foodie Thanksgiving

I'm always grateful that we keep our Thanksgivings quiet and close to home. Because that allows me to invest 110% of my time in crafting an ambitious menu. This year was no exception.

Loosen your belt buckle, kids.

You're about to gain five pounds just from reading this post. Just kidding! Sort of.

Foodie Thanksgiving #2.jpg

I adore blue and sometimes, I think the somber traditional oranges and browns of the Thanksgiving palette could use a little color. So I skewed towards blue and greens on the table to complete the golden tones of the autumn harvest. I kept my table simple, with rosemary sprigs and let the pretty plates speak for themselves.


One of the other challenges we have is that by the time I get food on the table, it's already dark here. In November it starts getting pretty dim by 4 pm. So we light the table with candles and let the mood set the scene.

Our first menu item is a sous vide herbed turkey. We've had a sous vide for a few years now and there's nothing better for keeping meat moist and still getting a nice pan sear. 


We followed our centerpiece turkey breast up with some honey rolls and parmesan roasted green beans. But the real centerpiece of any meal I serve is always dessert. Because I'm me and this is what I do.

Rosemary Pear Pie with Blue Cheese Ice Cream

I know. I did a pear pie with a rosemary infused crust, then churned some blue cheese ice cream the day before. It was the perfect blend of flavors and it really took the pie next level.


Want to recreate our fantastic foodie menu for your table? No problem. I've linked up all the recipes below for you. Happy Thanksgiving friends, from our table to yours.

Herbed Sous Vide Turkey Breast

Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

Honey Rolls with Honey Butter

Rosemary Pear Pie

Blue Cheese Ice Cream

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