Jelly Bean Mimosas

Can we chat about Easter? Pull up a chair.

I don't love Easter. I mean I get it. The whole point and everything, but for me, it's a bit of a disaster. It comes right in the middle of warmer weather and spring break and spring clean and dear God, one more thing I have to do. I'll admit to half-assing this holiday and not feeling the tiniest bit of guilt about it. 

But I've found a reason to fall back in love with Easter and it has to do with booze and candy and making brunch great again.

Jelly Bean Mimosas


These are bright sips of jelly bean flavored vodka, topped off with champagne. If you're looking to make adulting fun again, this is definitely the solution.


This is pretty simple stuff, folks. You separate the jelly beans by color, let them soak in vodka for 24-48 hours, strain the vodka off and pour into champagne glasses. I used our favorite local label vodka and made these cute jellybean stirrers because why hell not.

Time to pour. And float away on the bubbles.

Don't have champagne? Don't despair. I used some of this vodka with sparkling water and it was fantastic. Light and bubbly and all the things booze should be before noon. 

Enjoy your Easter, friends and let the kids hunt for fun while you relax and enjoy.


Jelly Bean Mimosas


1 cup of vodka

Assorted jelly beans (8-12 oz. bag)

1 bottle of champagne

cocktail stirrers


Sort jelly beans into complimenting colors. Deposit i jars and fill with vodka until beans are submerged. Let sit 24-48 hours covered. Strain and reserve vodka. Pour a shot of flavored vodka into a glass, top with champagne. Sip and savor.

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