Moroccan Munch and Brunch

I haven't thrown a party in FOREVER. Typically I hibernate all winter and then shake myself awake sometime in late May when I realize everyone is outside and maybe I should give it a go. And I thought I'd invite you and some dear friends along for the fun.

It looks like an exotic oasis but really, it's my back porch.

Ta da.


It's amazing what a few pillows, flowers, and artfully placed dishes can do. This was intended to be a small little gathering of intimate friends, so I took an old vintage steamer trunk with a distressed gold surface and made it our table, then festooned the back porch with white peonies. To me, Morocco is about color and pattern and as you'll soon see, a lot of pistachio and mint.


As my guests arrived, I offered two choices- something hot and spicy and something cool and sweet. This came in the form of a spiced coffee and a mojito laced with chai and mint. It was a difficult choice many people decided NOT to make.

Hey. We all have two hands for a reason.


Moroccan Mojitos

Moroccan Spiced Coffee

Next up was a glorious spread featuring plenty of cucumbers, dates, pistachios, pomegranate, and mint. We had both sweet stacks of pancakes and savory concoctions of eggs and salads to keep us satisfied. 


Moroccan Spiced Fried Eggs

Moroccan Pancakes (Beghrir)

Moroccan Chickpea & Carrot Salad

Oranges with Honey, Yogurt, Pistachios & Mint

I hope you enjoyed this brief respite in the oasis that is my backyard. I know I did. Come back next time for more frolicking in the kitchen and don't let your summer waste away without having a little more fun.


Interested in the Pinterest board for this party? You got it!

Moroccan Brunch Board

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