The Rainbow Mojito

We're celebrating something BIG here, folks. And it calls for a drink. But not just any drink. Something fabulous. 

Enter the Rainbow Mojito.


When I was a little girl, I'd always ask for rainbow sherbet every birthday. I liked it better than ice cream because it was beautiful, with all the pastels swirled together like a kaleidoscope. For me, sherbet is celebration in a cup. And boy, do I have something to celebrate.

We have 1,000 Facebook followers. 

I feel like confetti should fall from the sky when I say that. I always look up, a little surprised not to see small pieces of colored paper gliding slowly to the ground. This was a HUGE milestone that took me more than a year to reach.

And honestly, I only got there because I sat in the most wonderful session at a blogging conference and some dear, dear man opened the portals of genius and gave me the Facebook hacks I'd been waiting for. I can't tell you because then I would have to kill you but trust me, it was pivotal stuff.

Just like this sherbet. Did you know you can make homemade sherbet? Oh, yes. It's not only possible, it's easy. GASP. 


Sherbet is basically some fruit or fruit juice, cream, sugar, and some other flavorings. Unlike ice cream, this isn't a custard base. Its genius is in the icy, citrus flavors that'll cool off any summer day. Grab the recipe here.

Homemade Rainbow Sherbet

I tinkered with the recipe to get raspberry, lemon, and lime flavors that'll compliment our mojito. We're going to take this delectable sherbet and we're going make the best damn drink out of it you've ever had. Are you ready? Good. Let's go.

One scoop is plenty and instead of simple syrup and fancy extracts for flavor, this will give your mojito sweetness and citrus in every sip. 


Before you pour the rum, you want to make sure to muddle it well in plenty of mint. Because the mint makes the mojito. I got a huge bunch of spearmint from the farmer's market and it was a gorgeous thing to behold. Go as fresh as you can on the mint- it makes all the difference.


Oh, you're not done yet. I mean that'd be a pretty sweet cup o' booze but we do need to top it off a bit. 

Ta-da! Thanks friends for being part of this incredible journey. I hope you've enjoyed the food porn and the party decor, and all things boozy. Before you go, let me just say THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. You make this possible. Otherwise, I'm just a sad girl, decked out in pearls with no one to impress. 


Until next week, friends keep it sweet and sip away the rest of your summer.


The Rainbow Mojito  

1 scoop homemade or store bought rainbow sherbet

1.5 ounces rum (I recommend Antelope Island)

Sparkling water

Mint, lime wedge


Scoop the sherbet into a glass. Muddle the rum and mint together for several minutes. Pour over sherbet and top with sparkling water. Garnish with mint or a lime wedge for squeezing. 

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