Cupcakes & Cocktails

I work with some fucking fantastic people. For reals. They're snarky, and supportive and so, so smart. Recently, I was approached and asked to help throw a little appreciation bash. And as I am wont to do, I turned a little thing into a legit big deal.

cupcakes, cocktails-party-appreciation-thanks

A book-themed bash. Like literally. 

As writers, our love for the written word runs as deep as our appreciation for each other. So I focused on a few literary themed cocktails and an array of cupcakes sure to please any librarian's sweet tooth.

The idea began with this bar guide, Tequila Mockingbird. I KNOW!

cupcakes, cocktails-party-appreciation-thanks

It's an inspired masterpiece of all things book and boozy. And it helped me create these colorful little beauties, sporting a little rum, a little gin, and a whole lotta literature references.

cupcakes, cocktails-party-appreciation-thanks

Once we got tipsy, it was time to bite into something sweet. Because we have a team whose taste and dietary restrictions are as weird and wonderful as they are, I baked up some versatile cupcakes that ran the gamet.

cupcakes, cocktails-party-appreciation-thanks

Can you believe these cheeky cupcakes are vegan and gluten free? Yep.

Fudgy and dense, topped with a coconut cream frosting and sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings, these will have you saying thank you with a cherry on top. The recipe hails from the Wallflower Kitchen, a source I implicitly trust for all things vegan. 

Copy Appreciation Carrot Cake Typewriter.jpg

These beauties are actually carrot cake cupcakes, slathered in brown sugar frosting and bursting with chopped pecans. Brown sugar frosting is something of an art as the consistency requires a deft hand. But I've never needed help consuming an entire bowlful of this buttercream.

Not even once.

Our last featured cupcake should look familiar. It's the dainty teatime recipe I concocted last week for Earl Grey Cupcakes with Boysenberry Buttercream. Speckled with tea, these cupcakes are moist pillows topped with a rich, fruity buttercream that'll transport you straight back to childhood.

cupcakes, cocktails-party-appreciation-thanks

Earl Grey & Boysenberry Cupcakes

And last but not least, let's just pause a minute and admire the decor details. I kept it minimal since I had to cart all this stuff with me to work, but you'll find the table crowded with old books, an ancient typewriter that I once used to pound out an entire book, and library cards stamped with details of each offering in our literary feast.


Thanks to the lovely folks I work with for the chance to dive into this literary masterpiece of cupcakes and cocktails. There's nothing I adore more than channeling my inner librarian. Except perhaps all of you.


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