A Tiny Library

This is a project that has been on my bucket list for years. YEARS. And the fact that it's finally coming to fruition has me giddy. I missed my calling as a librarian, but I am not going to miss the chance to pass on my love for reading.

Behold this beauty; a tiny library tucked into my front lawn.



I know. I see these sprinkled in quaint neighborhoods and I immediately feel at home. Because there is a person who obviously gets me. Someone who understands that the best moments of my life have occurred between the covers of a book. The written word has been a profound vehicle for change and wonder in my life, and I want to be a part of delivering that to others.

Even if it's only in this tiny, adorable way.


This library began life as a funky, rusted medicine cabinet that I picked up at a vintage flea market. It was well loved and covered in shiny, sepia-toned stickers from someone's childhood. I was inspired and immediately set to work.

Just kidding. It sat in my garage for about a year.

Hey, I'm human. And busy. But this spring I dug it out, gave it a coat of paint, and began to contemplating how to make sure it didn't leak like a sieve. This involved weatherstripping, caulking, and many hare brained ideas that didn't quite pan out.


Once I got something resembling a watertight fortress, I stenciled a simple message.

The hardest part was mounting this baby, because it's unwieldy and not exactly mailbox size. I spent about an hour in an aisle at the hardware store, swearing and experiencing fits of indecision. But in the end, this deluxe reinforced mailbox pole did the trick. Mostly. It's survived two thunderstorms so I'm calling it good enough for now.


If you pass by, come take a book or leave a book behind. Because for me, there's nothing sweeter than sharing the experience of reading.


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