My Little Pony Birthday Party

There are some things that I do for my children that I just wouldn't do for anyone else. Allowing another human to spit chewed food into my bare hand. Wiping someone's butt. Wiping anyone else's butt. Nope. Not happening. Pretty high on that list is throwing a glittery, rainbow-festooned girlie party. But this is my daughter and it's her birthday. So basically I'll crawl across broken glass for that kid. And apparently throw a My Little Pony Party. Not sure which is more painful.


I let my daughter into Pinterest again. It was a bad idea last year and an even worse one this year but there it is. It happened. And we ended up throwing one heck of a pony party, complete with hearts and sparkles on all the things. All of them.  It's hard to know where to start with all this colorful insanity, so I'm just gonna wade right in.

First, the decor. I did A LOT of this party DIY and much of it was paper. Recycled paper but still.

As you can see, everything was dusted with a generous handful of rainbow confetti.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Yeah, me too.

I cut out and strung the rainbow heart wall coverings from scratch. I  also did these colorful puff balls myself, then gathered them in clusters and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line.

As you can see, everything was dusted with a generous handful of rainbow confetti. But we didn't stop there. Because when have I ever known when enough was enough? Pretty much never.

I decorated the "Welcome to Equestria Tree" in the foyer with leftover hearts. And I handmade each of the signs for the food activities with adorable little cotton ball clouds. 


Next up is the food because after all that work I was hangry.

You know hangry, right? Definitely hangry.

My Little Pony Birthday Chalkboard Menu.jpg

As you can see, we decided not only to decorate with rainbows but also to eat them. Apologies to all the parents next day because pooping rainbows can be a bit scary. It was all in good fun. I promise.

Rainbow Sherbet Punch

A bit of ginger ale and lots of rainbow sherbet gets you rainbow clouds. Who knew?

Rainbow Jello Shots

I made those rainbow heart stick stirrers myself. Because if you're gonna give kids jello shots, it seems like they ought to have rainbow stirrers. And yes, those are good old-fashioned mason jars.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Wands with Sprinkles

If you weren't aware, they practice magic in Ponyland. Probably with pretzel wands. Isn't that how everyone does magic these days? Pretty sure it's all done with pretzels.

Rainbow Meringue Truffle Cones

These rainbow meringue truffle cones look difficult but really they were. No, seriously. Don't make these. Pretty sure I got three gray hairs waiting for them to set. But they sure are purdy. I didn't get any pictures of the fruit skewers because it's fruit. Nobody cares about fruit at a party, apparently not even me.

Rainbow Sprinkle Popcorn

These bags of magical popcorn were adorned with little glittered edged labels. The kernels themselves are drizzled with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. Some of the kids probably ate confetti by accident via handfuls of this popcorn. #sorrynotsorry

Rainbow Rock Candy

Rainbow rock candy. Pretty much all my daughter was interested in eating for the next 48 hours. That gorgeous cake I made she picked at. But that rock candy I bought for 99 cents a stick? Best thing ever.

7-Layer Rainbow Cake

So, let's have chat about this cake. I do lots of things well. Cake decorating isn't one of them. But I am pretty darn proud of this cake. Seven layers of sugary bliss topped by licorice rainbows and marshmallow clouds.  

Yep. Probably about 2,000 calories a slice. And every one of them worth it.


We did actually did do some stuff at this party that didn't involve eating our weight in sugar.

Rainbow activities coming up.


Glitter "Cutie" Marks

I used these fake glitter tattoos as "cutie" marks. Don't worry. I didn't put them on anyone's butts. I get enough of that with my own kids, thanks very much. The birthday girl was decked out in a rainbow tutu, which has since become a regular part of her wardrobe. She's five so she can pull it off in ways that just won't work for the rest of us.

One of my daughter's friends wore an incredible wig to the party. Seriously on point. Keep inviting that kid. She knows what she's doing.


Glitter Bubbles

There were also glitter bubbles. I just basically took glitter and dumped it in some bubbles. I know, right? Genius. Here's my girl, proving that she's full of hot air.

Glitter Rainbow Salt Dough

I also made like five batches of rainbow glitter salt dough that the kids spent exactly 5 seconds playing with and I promptly forgot about and threw away three months later. I'm such a mom cliche. Go me.

My little Pony Pinata

And because I just hadn't sent those kids home high enough on artificial flavors and refined sugar, we went ahead and did a pinata.

It was all going well. Half a dozen kids with a heavy stick trying to whack a swinging object. What could go wrong? Welp. My ten-year-old son gave me a welt across the back of my hand that bruised for weeks. You saw it coming but I didn't. And then this happened.

It was like the godfather of My Little Pony parties. I'd like to say that I put this head next to my husband in bed and filmed him waking up to it, but I didn't. I should have though. YouTube stardom right there. Eventually we had to make it rain candy because this was the most durable thing from Mexico ever made. Just my luck.


And then it was time to send everyone home—My favorite part—with party favors in hand.

Parting gifts included these were rainbow jump ropes that I am still trying to give away. If  I haven't pawned one of on you yet, just wait. Your turn is coming.


All in all, I think it was a successful shindig.

We glittered, we sugared, and we definitely rainbowed.

Oh, how we rainbowed. 

And what did we learn?

Friendship is magic.

And also, all that confetti is really, really hard to clean up. 

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